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January 31, 2013 / Social Business Media Managers

Social Media and Small Business How and Why It Works


Business and social media how does it work and why does it work for some and not for others. These questions are on the minds of many small business owners when people talk about using social media. The most important question for you as the owner is “Why should I get involved and how is it going to help my business?” The answer to the questions must first come from what is your mission and purpose for your business. Can you in a few words describe both of these concepts as they relate to your business?

Having done that, what are your 3 or 4 major objectives for your business? What are the 2 or 3 goals for each objective that are SMART goals (measurable and timeline for achievement)? How do you envision your business in 5 years and how to do the items discussed previously help you achieve that vision?

You are probably asking yourself why all the questions and what is the purpose I know my business. These questions help you clarify where you are and where you want to be and can be used to develop on how you can best get there. As you look at your strategic plan and marketing plan, ask yourself how and where am I planning on maintaining my present customer base and how do I plan on continuing to attract new customers. Who is the target audience or audiences that I am trying to attract or maintain as clients/customers? The answer to these questions for a large part helps in the development of you marketing plan, customer relations and maintenance plan. With the marketing plan the major purpose is to establish some kind of positive relationship with potential clients. You are attempting to resonate with them in a manner that they will ultimately buy from you.

Through the process you are branding your company and yourself as unique in you particularly industry and can deliver a differentiate product or service. Though the marketing process you are building a know-like-trust factor so potential clients/customers will want to come and buy from you. Social media becomes one of the tools available to you in your marketing plan that will enable you to build this type of relationship. It must be emphasized that it is not the end all in marketing and is only one phase. Social media has been found effective for small business to play with the big businesses without breaking a budget. It is a process that requires attention as much as the other parts of your marketing plan to be effective. Remember it is only one tool in your arsenal of tools to build your brand. It can be effective in building new clients/customers and helps to maintain present clients.

The use of social media in business is to build positive ongoing relationships with potential customers/clients and extend greater benefits to present customers/clients. Think of it as means of networking much as done when attending live events. It is a means of utilizing effective communication to provide a clear understanding of what you have to offer. We are establishing a relationship with people we meet and entire into discussions. Through social media we are doing the same type of thing. You are asking questions of the people and telling them about yourself and your business. You are building a relationship that takes time to build and is not done in just a few sessions.

Now that you have answered the questions about your business and your marketing plan and have a basic understanding of what social media is about, you are now ready to begin the journey of selecting the right types of social media and the right sites. Then selecting the right message and the right mediums to build the relationships with your target audience is now your next task.

Given the many sites available it is important that you select the ones that best fit you target audiences. The place to begin is to seek the answer to the questions that revolve around your target audience. The first thing to do is to do a search of sites that those individuals use for their social media. There are many different sites with many different characteristic and not all are best for all businesses. So it is important that you search for that target audience demographics. Decide what type of relationship you want to develop with them and why is it important to your business. What is the problem you are trying to solve for that demographic with your products or services? What makes your solution or solutions the best for them and how are you going to communicate that to the target audience? How effectively are you communicating it with your present use of media especially your website?

Once you have identified the answers you are ready to begin the journey into the world of social media and business. You are now prepared to select the right sites to use for your business, began developing the profiles and selecting the process you want to use to create the relationships. This becomes first steps in engaging the social media tools to assist you in enhancing your business opportunities.

In the first paragraph we proposed the question as to why to use social media and why are some successful and others are not. The first reason is that now social media is being used in many more ways and with the growing smart technologies it becomes even more important to have presences online in many different formats. Big business realizes the importance of using social media and uses it very effectively to promote their brands. It has become a way of communicating with people on different levels and to create social media as a part of customer care. Why it is not effective is that people do not use it correctly. It has to be done constantly and consistently. It has to be done with thought and with a way positive outlook. Social media has to be more than just asking people to come to an event. It has to be a process that establishes the know-like-trust factors. Therefore social media does not work if you do not work it.

Over the next few weeks we will explore together the many sites available, and the ones that are most used and the ones that need to be further explored. We will discuss how to develop a plan to evaluate the return on investment for using social media. We will examine ways of exploring how it is affecting your overall business presence. We will explore other the use of other online tools that can be used to assist in improving the overall business processes.

Look for the next phase as we began the exploration of sites.

1/31/2013 Lonnie G. Juarez, Jr. Ph.D. Visionary/CEO Social Business Media Connections and Social Business Media Managers

January 15, 2013 / Social Business Media Managers

Help for Small Business an Offer from Social Business Media Connection


Businesses grow and thrive when they are able to maintain present customers and gain new customers and followers. During these times, businesses closely watch the bottom-line and how they market their business, while continuing creating opportunities to better serve present clients. Social Business Media Connections recognizes that the economy has a great impact on small and medium size businesses.

SBMConnect staff and ownership believe that the heart of the economy revolves on the overall strength of the small business. Small businesses create jobs and fuel overall economic development. Entrepreneurs are continually seeking new opportunities and ways to increase their resent cash flow. We at SBM Connect recognize these efforts of the small business and are proposing a means of assisting them.

Social Business Media Connections in order to help small businesses will give away one week of advertisement on our media channels to a selected small business each week. The business will be featured on our websites, blogs, articles and status updates in over 20 different sites. The purpose is to help stimulate the drive for new business to the business website or storefront or both depending on what the business provides to clients or customers. While we understand that a true marketing effort in social media requires much more time, it is our purpose to assist the business in its efforts to utilize the media for their best interest. It is estimated that the value of this is over $700 and is being donated by SBM Connect to assist the selected business gain greater exposure.

The business will be selected by SMB Staff and ownership after the business has completed an application form provided by SMB Connect. The information to be supplied will remain confidential and used only for the purpose of selecting the company based upon the criteria established by SBMConnect and their advisors. Some of the information to be requested will be as follows:

  1. Name of the Business:
  2. Business Address:
  3. Type of Business:
  4. Product or services provided:
  5. Name of the Owner and contact information:
  6. Number of years in business:
  7. Number of employees:
  8. Goals for 2013 for the business:
  9. Major points in marketing plan:
  10. Overall use of social media presently:
  11. Projected growth for the next 3 years:

The staff and ownership will review each of the applications and select a business to work with for the week. A call will be made to the owner to set a time for an interview to gain more information to use in the social media effort. Other applications will be kept on file and if any week there are no applications then a selection will be made from the applications on file. For more information or an application please send an email to Lonnie Juarez at

Looking forward to working with you! To your continued success in all you do!

Lonnie Juarez, Ph.D.


Social Business Media Connections

October 27, 2012 / Social Business Media Managers

The Candidate: What Characteristics are Important?

As we are now into the election cycle in a very big way, it is incumbent on us to make some sound decisions about the people we elect. As we go to vote either in person or absentee we must look not at what party the person represents but the person. I was asked to reflect on the qualities one should look for in a person who wants to represent us at both the national and state level. First, as I begin I know that the person must be a leader. A person that I and others would like to follow has many different attributes of a leader. After much consideration here are some qualities that I believe are important to me.

First, the person must have integrity. The dictionary defines integrity as follows: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. He/she must show in many ways that what is said and what is done has some congruence. An individual must show that as a person of integrity that they can be counted on in the little and the big things. She/he must have high moral values and be honest in all their undertakings. This becomes one of the cornerstones of the person. The person must mean what he/she says and does what he/she says they are going to do. One of the most important things is to be true to your word as a person of integrity. It is important that a person who seeks office is a person who demonstrates this in everyday life. This quality will have a profound influence in all that is done as it relates to providing leadership.
Another of the qualities is that he or she must have a true and articulated purpose in life. The purpose is something that deep inside drives him or her to be successful. It is a quality which allows a person to be focused on what is most important to him/her in their lives and in how it is viewed as a motivating force in all that is done. It provides the initial impetus to move his or her life in the directions that are part of their core being. An individual must have demonstrated in life his or her purpose and how it has made a difference to others. What is it that drives a person to become the best and to overcome the multiple challenges of life and of business? Does their purpose coincide with what is being articulated in the vision of where the individual is going? Does it provide a basis for motivation not only for the person but for others as well?

Another of the key factors of a great leader is the ability to be very passionate about what he or she believes. The person must show their belief in what is being done with great passion–not merely through many words but through their actions. Is he or she articulating a vision and goals of where the person wants to go and what he/she wants to accomplish with a great passion, which inspires you to want to follow him or her? Does the individual show by their actions their own belief in what is being said; has he or she shown leadership in what has been accomplished? Had the person shown passion and enthusiasm in all that he or she does? What specific things can you isolate that show their passion for leading people toward a common goal? Having been in business and working with business, education and government agencies, I know that only those who have a vision, goals, objectives, a plan and great belief and a passion in what he or she is doing allows him or her to become great leaders and become successful in their ventures. The individual must have the enthusiasm that creates a win-win feeling in the people he or she talks with and with the things the person is involved in doing.

The individual must have a great belief in himself or herself and their ideas. The person must be able to articulate this in ways that a person can visibly see. A person must know themselves well. He/she should know their strengths and their weakness. An individual must show that he/she is a reader as leader and is open to learning more to strength their own skills and overcome their weak areas. A person must show that he/she is willing to have open and honest communication at all levels and share their ideas with great belief and not merely using rhetoric. He/she should show that as leaders that there is a willingness to step up to the plate and lead through times. An individual has to show confidence in their articulated plan, and in the people as they go through the difficult times. When times are good, the individual must still display the confidence in the people and celebrate the success with them. He/she has to show commitment to their beliefs and go the extra mile to create the opportunity for success for him/herself and the people that are following them and in this case, the constituents.

A leader must be prepared to face the multiple challenges that will come their way. As a person seeking the votes and confidence of the people, how has he/she shown a readiness to deal with challenges? What challenges has he/she faced in their lives that have prepared them to look for solutions to the various things life put in front of successful people? It is important that our leaders be able to lead by example. It is a time when party rhetoric will no longer suffices. We need individuals who have a vision for what he/she wants to accomplish, recognize that there are challenges along the way and be ready to seek various alternative solutions that best reflect their core values and the values of the people they purport to serve. The individual must assess where he/she is going and the impact on the people they serve and the good of the others. The solutions must not be done selfishly but out of an honest and deep belief in him/herself, their core values and knowledge and projections of its effect on the people they serve.

Recognize that he or she does not have all the solutions and be willing to build a team of individuals to assist and support her/him in seeking solutions to the multiple challenges facing the State and the Nation is an asset that is critical to a leader. While many times we are asked for what is wrong or what problems we see, hardly ever are we ever asked what we would see as possible solutions. The person must be willing to reach out and build a first class mastermind team that keeps focus on the vision and the development of a well-articulated plan to achieve that vision. This must then be articulated to people in a manner that shows them a direction. People seek and want to follow a leader who knows where he or she is going and has a clear plan and measurable goals. A team of individuals who extend beyond political boundaries must be a critical part of the success. The question one must ask is how has the person shown or demonstrated in their life, and in their chosen professional life, the ability to create and lead a team in a positive direction for success? In the process has he/she shown how to involve we the people in seeking solutions? Given the technologies of today, we have many ways for people to become a source for solutions rather than just select groups being those that provide solutions. The use of web-based communication including video, webinars and conferences make this an avenue for greater involvement. The use of free conference calls using web based tools and creating and using free web-based surveys are other alternatives to keeping people involved.

The person must be a creative thinker. He/she should be flexible and imaginative. She/he must be able to envision end solutions and be able to articulate the vision to create an enthusiasm to find practical solutions and develop the plan that will achieve the vision. The individual must seek creative solutions to continue to grow and improve the ways we deal with problems. The person must be adaptable but also stay true to their core values. Working with others to create solutions is not an easy task and requires patience, empathy, decisiveness, dedication and the ability to continue to articulate the problem at its base level and not the symptoms of the problems. One must ask how and when has the person who wants to lead demonstrated these characteristics? How has the person shown the ability to do things that go beyond the norm and have sought and implanted unique solutions to problems in business, government or their own professional arenas?

Last but not least the person must demonstrate perseverance. This quality shows a person’s willingness to stay the course through thick and thin. The individual must be desirous and continue to move forward in times of adversity. Perseverance is the ability to get up when one wants to give up, but one knows that giving up is not an option. It is the ability to work with people to keep them moving toward the goal doing whatever it takes by leading through example. It is not just about talking a talk but it is about walking the walk in all things. It is being a person who has determination to succeed and is dedicated to assisting others to be successful through their efforts. It is a person with humility and yet knows that working harder than anyone else is the only way to lead and show they are willing to roll up their sleeves and tackle the job and learn as they go.
Thus, in my estimation, a candidate for office is not about the party or what the party articulates, it is about the core of the individual and their ability to lead people to create solutions to the various challenges that we are facing. With each challenge, there is the opportunity for greatness, the opportunity to move forward with a new and different approach, a way to make something better. The person must have clarity in all that is said; this is not a game of words, but a means of demonstrating a true commitment to their core values and purpose and articulates to the people with enthusiasm and conviction a vision, goals and plans to improve the present status. When a person has said he or she is going to do something for you has there been a follow through? Has he/she demonstrated you are able to trust their actions in the small things as well as the big things? As a leader being true to what you say and showing it all ways is what people are looking for in a candidate/leader. It is not about what party has the best solution, but what person is willing to lead through the adversity to come up with a better more comprehensive solution. As stated previously people are looking for someone who can build up an energy and excitement in moving toward a vision and goals. They are willing to follow someone with a clear and articulated plan.

People are tired of rhetoric and mudslinging. They are looking for a leader with a vision and a theme that runs through all is done and that they can easily remember and identify with as something that resonates with them. As a leader one must have the energy and the courage to go places no others have gone. It is sometimes easier to follow the path most traveled, but it is not always the best choice for the greater good. One must be willing to challenge the status quo and seek those solutions that best reflects the greater good. The leader, in articulating and moving forward, must listen to those that are in the trenches to assist in creating the positive solutions. In quality management, it is always important to take decision making to the lowest levels and listens to their input in seeking change and solutions to problems to improve performance. The same must hold true in politics. As a candidate and potential leader can he or she verbalize a clear mission, vision, goals and detailed plan of action that makes you ready and willing to follow them?

As I conclude this brief paper, it is my hope that it has raised questions in your own mind about the people you are considering for office. It is my desire that the decisions you make are not based out of party bias but a true reflection of the person who wants to lead. Each candidate at each level is asking you to trust them to be your leader and representative at the State and National level. Ask yourself do these individuals portray the core values that I believe are important and how has it been portrayed their own core values as the person has campaigned and in what she/he has done in their professional life? Make your choice wisely. These are the people that will in part be shaping the future of our State and Nation.

© October 24, 2012 Lonnie G. Juarez, Jr. Ph.D. Owner/President Social Business Media Connections

December 1, 2011 / Social Business Media Managers



Helping you gain new clients and improving relationships with current clients.

Customized and focused social media relations to build your business to greater prosperity through increasing the know like and trust factors. For services and benefits, we offer businesses and organizations with a cost-effective way to enhance relationships to build the know, like and trust factors leading to increased potential income streams using the advantages of social media. Our mission manages the process and guides our clients in the selection of the right social media outlets for their products/services. We manage the process by utilizing its greater capacity in an appropriate and productive way by enhancing the business, while creating extra income opportunities for its owner.

Improving is the Bottom Line and this is how we do it:

  • We help clients gain new customers/clients and maintain current clients/customers.
  • We save our clients TIME and MONEY
  • We create positive image and relationships (know, like and trust)
  • We increase branding (name identity)
  • We maintain current postings (blog sites)
  • We increase traffic and presence on the Web
  • We increase and enhance business opportunities
  • We manage the process from beginning to end without adding personnel costs

We can do all of this AND MORE for a fraction of the cost other social media outlets charge. We help you in achieving your goals and increasing your opportunity for creating greater and more positive relationships with your clients/customers and potential clients. This is because we use an alchemy and treasure of skills and knowledge to use social media as a primary vehicle to build trusting relationships with people. Ergo, we provide relevant content, valuable to people, and enhance an understanding of your ability. Using the model we build a know, like and trust process for you as a person and for your business that will ultimately lead to greater web traffic and sales.


We identify potential clients (i.e., determine niche markets to focus), and once established we make contact and prepare materials for meeting with the owner(s). At this stage, we prepare a working detailed plan geared to evaluating results of postings suitably matched to the client’s business. The implementation of the plan helps establish a timeline and a data collection of proposed sites we feel are pivotal in the matchup.

However,  before any of the many ideas we bring to the table transpire we have already done the important homework that shows the owner(s) where their business shows up on the Web (ranking placement), where we found their site (if it even showed up), how many similar businesses may be ahead, and what we saw on their site or sites that made the business standout. The key is where the business shows up on the Web and its placement high or low on the list. Usually, the businesses we support are low on a long list of similar businesses. Thus, we offer a business management plan that will put our clients into the mainstream of social media, using as many sources as possible to ensure the business remains highly visible. SBMC provides the knowledge and maintenance to truly make a difference in social media ranking. To do this requires consistency and paying attention to the latest trends of the changing social media market. It is the best tool yet for helping businesses stay in the vanguard and stay ahead of the competition.


Lonnie G. Juarez, Ph.D. President has an advanced degree in administration, organizational development and evaluation from the University of Washington. Through twenty-eight years as a director and manager and owner in business and governmental agencies he planned and implemented state and national conferences, funded proposals for universities and public school districts, and was involved in major evaluation projects. He was worked with computer technology for over 28 years and began working with websites and social media before they became popular. He has written manuals, developed training programs for computerization, and taught classes for institutions of higher education. Lonnie has written numerous technical papers presented at national, regional and state conferences, and co-authored two books.

Richard Holtzin, Ph.D. Vice President of Operations, holds a Doctorate in Western and Eastern Philosophy. As an educator, Rich has sat in different educator chairs over the years: high school substitute teacher (earth sciences, math and business classes), guitar and music theory, instructor with the Grand Canyon Field Institute staff (geology, archeology, ecology, human and natural history), instructor with Yavapai College (Prescott, AZ) and Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, AZ), eco and cultural tourism owner and guide ( and Arizona Ed-Venture, composer and studio musician, author and copy editor, website/blogsite design, leadership and wellness seminars, editor and commercial pilot. Richard has also worked with the utilization of technology and the development of blog and websites for business and not profits and presently supports his own blogsite which endorses non-profit organizations and select businesses, artists, writers and photographers in the private sector.

Jerry Juarez, Ph.D. Vice President Business Development holds a Doctorate in Education with emphasis in reading and administration. He has worked with business in various capacities and has served as an administrator in education for public and charter schools. Jerry has over 25 years of experience in serving the public and has worked with technology and social media for over 10 years. He has worked with business owners and school administrators in developing strategic plans including the utilization of technology.

For More Information, Please Call:

Social Business Media Connections Attn: Lonnie Juarez or Rich Holtzin 990 18th St NW Albuquerque, NM 87104 Phone: 347.762.2873 or 505 554.2760; E-mail:

November 23, 2011 / Social Business Media Managers


In a previous post, it was explained how social media is a process, and in the process there are numerous media sources to choose. The choice is also contingent on matching the client’s needs with the ideal source that is best suited to promote the business. Thus, not all social media outlets are suitable to all businesses. Social Business Media Connections (SBMC) does its homework and we select for you the ideal target markets.

Here is a sample what we provide in the way of service and how our process typically works. For instance, we identify potential clients (i.e., determine niche markets to focus), and once established we make contact and prepare materials for meeting with the owner(s). At this stage, we prepare a working detailed plan geared to evaluating results of postings suitably matched to the client’s business. The implementation of the plan helps establish a timeline and a data collection of proposed sites we feel are pivotal in the matchup.

However, before any of the many ideas we bring to the table transpire we have already done the important homework that shows the owner(s) where their business shows up on the Web (ranking placement), where we found their site (if it even showed up), how many similar businesses may be ahead, and what we saw on their site or sites that made the business standout. The key is where the business shows up on the Web and its placement high or low on the list. Usually, the businesses we support are low on a long list of similar businesses. Thus, we provide a business management plan that will put our clients into the mainstream of social media, using as many sources as possible to ensure the business remains highly visible at all times. SBMC provides the knowledge and maintenance  to truly make a difference in social media ranking. To do this requires consistency and paying attention to the latest trends of the changing social media market. It is the best tool yet for helping businesses stay in the vanguard and stay ahead of the competition.

For more information about our process, please contact us. We’d love to show you how to prosper and develop your business, practically overnight.

The SBMC Team

November 21, 2011 / Social Business Media Managers


When you enter the world of social media, that is, the abundances of media choices to choose from its lengthy list, your first dilemma is making the right choices that match your business needs. This is the tricky part. There is a plethora of sources out there and you have to know the best selections in the bunch. Social Business Media Connections (SBMC) is all about helping you find those optimum selections. We are a business management company that analyzes what is ideal for you. There is no pro forma approach given what we do. Because all of our clients are unique, all deserve the special attention that sets a focus on efficiency and expediency (meaning getting results).

Our three-tiered management plan (based on a set fee continent on how many media sources are selected) connects you to the right social media sources at an affordable price and excellent service from our team. Even our entry level plan puts your business in a fast-flowing stream, a network, that produces instant results.

Let us help you find the ideal target social media sources, and once found we will manage the network or show you how to go about the process, thereby saving you even more money. We’d love to show you our step-by-step process that substantiates all the above. We would love to earn your business and confidence!

The SBMC Team

November 16, 2011 / Social Business Media Managers


Social media comes down to basic point: MANAGEMENT. Management also entails a PROCESS (a standardized method and approach that connects all the dots and cuts to the chase); making RIGHT CHOICES (a matchup of social media outlets that best suits your business needs); and REGULARITY (i.e., ensuring source contacts are effectively monitored and maintained on a regular basis).

SOCIAL BUSINESS MEDIA CONNECTIONS can help you and your business. We offer a fundamental approach to social media connections. Moreover, we offer you a cost-effective and all-inclusive approach that covers all major aspects of social media. In short, we get immediate and lasting results.

Let us show you where your business hits or misses in the lineup of similar other businesses. This analysis report is yours for free. Please contact us and let us get you started on a new road of success that will make your enterprise more successful and profitable.