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August 16, 2014 / Social Business Media Managers


For my good friend, Rich…the following information about his new book is highly recommended reading (including, procuring same). . .

The keys of knowledge that open all the national parks and monuments, state parks, and archeological ruins throughout the Colorado Plateau-Four Corners region are found and clearly explained in this nearly 1,000-page ePublished manuscript (approximates a 600-page printed book format). Think of this comprehensive factual tome in the guise of traveler’s guide book and encyclopedia that can be read from start to finish or piecemeal. Moreover, each of the 85 notable destinations featured in the text presents a convenience layered format, where the information is explained from the most basic to the more entailed. It follows the reader not only choose which destinations to peruse, but also how much subject matter to peruse.

This unique text takes the reader beyond the scenery thereby revealing the how-what-where-and-when aspects. Specifically, the the text covers the geology, flora and fauna, and human history of every destination, and in some cases, added details about the setting such as trails and whatever is relevant to the destination (i.e., desert ecology, archaeoastronomy, ethnobotany, plate tectonics, to mention some special subject matter).

And then there other notable features presented in the text that appear in all the destinations: location and geographic facts, driving direction and contact information, recommended websites, and Bitly downsized URL’s that connect to Google images, maps, graphics and illustrations. Hence, another descriptive and innovative way that brings each destination to the reader, and in living color as it were.

With the above points in mind, for those readers who want to know everything about the numerous scenic icons presented in this comprehensive text, Hitchhiker’s Guide is the penultimate literary tour that can do it. Because the information is based on an interpretative approach (read, “educational” and “insightful”) all the knowledge is current, factual and therefore authentic. The way the text reads is as though the reader truly is on a tour-in-process, whose language and explanation is simplified and enjoyable. For a preview of this text, please go to this Bitly URL: Below the picture icon click on “Preview.” For more about the author, this website reveals all the essentials, including more background details about the text:;

HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE AMERICAN SOUTHWEST: An Interpretative Tour to all the Scenic Icons is the singular kind of text that can be read many times over, and each time something new is bound to be discovered. Please help network and seed this tome to as many others as humanly possible. There are six similar works-in-progress that are soon to follow. And thanks!

(end pitch and plea synopsis)


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