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January 15, 2013 / Social Business Media Managers

Help for Small Business an Offer from Social Business Media Connection


Businesses grow and thrive when they are able to maintain present customers and gain new customers and followers. During these times, businesses closely watch the bottom-line and how they market their business, while continuing creating opportunities to better serve present clients. Social Business Media Connections recognizes that the economy has a great impact on small and medium size businesses.

SBMConnect staff and ownership believe that the heart of the economy revolves on the overall strength of the small business. Small businesses create jobs and fuel overall economic development. Entrepreneurs are continually seeking new opportunities and ways to increase their resent cash flow. We at SBM Connect recognize these efforts of the small business and are proposing a means of assisting them.

Social Business Media Connections in order to help small businesses will give away one week of advertisement on our media channels to a selected small business each week. The business will be featured on our websites, blogs, articles and status updates in over 20 different sites. The purpose is to help stimulate the drive for new business to the business website or storefront or both depending on what the business provides to clients or customers. While we understand that a true marketing effort in social media requires much more time, it is our purpose to assist the business in its efforts to utilize the media for their best interest. It is estimated that the value of this is over $700 and is being donated by SBM Connect to assist the selected business gain greater exposure.

The business will be selected by SMB Staff and ownership after the business has completed an application form provided by SMB Connect. The information to be supplied will remain confidential and used only for the purpose of selecting the company based upon the criteria established by SBMConnect and their advisors. Some of the information to be requested will be as follows:

  1. Name of the Business:
  2. Business Address:
  3. Type of Business:
  4. Product or services provided:
  5. Name of the Owner and contact information:
  6. Number of years in business:
  7. Number of employees:
  8. Goals for 2013 for the business:
  9. Major points in marketing plan:
  10. Overall use of social media presently:
  11. Projected growth for the next 3 years:

The staff and ownership will review each of the applications and select a business to work with for the week. A call will be made to the owner to set a time for an interview to gain more information to use in the social media effort. Other applications will be kept on file and if any week there are no applications then a selection will be made from the applications on file. For more information or an application please send an email to Lonnie Juarez at

Looking forward to working with you! To your continued success in all you do!

Lonnie Juarez, Ph.D.


Social Business Media Connections


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