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December 1, 2011 / Social Business Media Managers



Helping you gain new clients and improving relationships with current clients.

Customized and focused social media relations to build your business to greater prosperity through increasing the know like and trust factors. For services and benefits, we offer businesses and organizations with a cost-effective way to enhance relationships to build the know, like and trust factors leading to increased potential income streams using the advantages of social media. Our mission manages the process and guides our clients in the selection of the right social media outlets for their products/services. We manage the process by utilizing its greater capacity in an appropriate and productive way by enhancing the business, while creating extra income opportunities for its owner.

Improving is the Bottom Line and this is how we do it:

  • We help clients gain new customers/clients and maintain current clients/customers.
  • We save our clients TIME and MONEY
  • We create positive image and relationships (know, like and trust)
  • We increase branding (name identity)
  • We maintain current postings (blog sites)
  • We increase traffic and presence on the Web
  • We increase and enhance business opportunities
  • We manage the process from beginning to end without adding personnel costs

We can do all of this AND MORE for a fraction of the cost other social media outlets charge. We help you in achieving your goals and increasing your opportunity for creating greater and more positive relationships with your clients/customers and potential clients. This is because we use an alchemy and treasure of skills and knowledge to use social media as a primary vehicle to build trusting relationships with people. Ergo, we provide relevant content, valuable to people, and enhance an understanding of your ability. Using the model we build a know, like and trust process for you as a person and for your business that will ultimately lead to greater web traffic and sales.


We identify potential clients (i.e., determine niche markets to focus), and once established we make contact and prepare materials for meeting with the owner(s). At this stage, we prepare a working detailed plan geared to evaluating results of postings suitably matched to the client’s business. The implementation of the plan helps establish a timeline and a data collection of proposed sites we feel are pivotal in the matchup.

However,  before any of the many ideas we bring to the table transpire we have already done the important homework that shows the owner(s) where their business shows up on the Web (ranking placement), where we found their site (if it even showed up), how many similar businesses may be ahead, and what we saw on their site or sites that made the business standout. The key is where the business shows up on the Web and its placement high or low on the list. Usually, the businesses we support are low on a long list of similar businesses. Thus, we offer a business management plan that will put our clients into the mainstream of social media, using as many sources as possible to ensure the business remains highly visible. SBMC provides the knowledge and maintenance to truly make a difference in social media ranking. To do this requires consistency and paying attention to the latest trends of the changing social media market. It is the best tool yet for helping businesses stay in the vanguard and stay ahead of the competition.


Lonnie G. Juarez, Ph.D. President has an advanced degree in administration, organizational development and evaluation from the University of Washington. Through twenty-eight years as a director and manager and owner in business and governmental agencies he planned and implemented state and national conferences, funded proposals for universities and public school districts, and was involved in major evaluation projects. He was worked with computer technology for over 28 years and began working with websites and social media before they became popular. He has written manuals, developed training programs for computerization, and taught classes for institutions of higher education. Lonnie has written numerous technical papers presented at national, regional and state conferences, and co-authored two books.

Richard Holtzin, Ph.D. Vice President of Operations, holds a Doctorate in Western and Eastern Philosophy. As an educator, Rich has sat in different educator chairs over the years: high school substitute teacher (earth sciences, math and business classes), guitar and music theory, instructor with the Grand Canyon Field Institute staff (geology, archeology, ecology, human and natural history), instructor with Yavapai College (Prescott, AZ) and Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, AZ), eco and cultural tourism owner and guide ( and Arizona Ed-Venture, composer and studio musician, author and copy editor, website/blogsite design, leadership and wellness seminars, editor and commercial pilot. Richard has also worked with the utilization of technology and the development of blog and websites for business and not profits and presently supports his own blogsite which endorses non-profit organizations and select businesses, artists, writers and photographers in the private sector.

Jerry Juarez, Ph.D. Vice President Business Development holds a Doctorate in Education with emphasis in reading and administration. He has worked with business in various capacities and has served as an administrator in education for public and charter schools. Jerry has over 25 years of experience in serving the public and has worked with technology and social media for over 10 years. He has worked with business owners and school administrators in developing strategic plans including the utilization of technology.

For More Information, Please Call:

Social Business Media Connections Attn: Lonnie Juarez or Rich Holtzin 990 18th St NW Albuquerque, NM 87104 Phone: 347.762.2873 or 505 554.2760; E-mail:


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