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November 23, 2011 / Social Business Media Managers


In a previous post, it was explained how social media is a process, and in the process there are numerous media sources to choose. The choice is also contingent on matching the client’s needs with the ideal source that is best suited to promote the business. Thus, not all social media outlets are suitable to all businesses. Social Business Media Connections (SBMC) does its homework and we select for you the ideal target markets.

Here is a sample what we provide in the way of service and how our process typically works. For instance, we identify potential clients (i.e., determine niche markets to focus), and once established we make contact and prepare materials for meeting with the owner(s). At this stage, we prepare a working detailed plan geared to evaluating results of postings suitably matched to the client’s business. The implementation of the plan helps establish a timeline and a data collection of proposed sites we feel are pivotal in the matchup.

However, before any of the many ideas we bring to the table transpire we have already done the important homework that shows the owner(s) where their business shows up on the Web (ranking placement), where we found their site (if it even showed up), how many similar businesses may be ahead, and what we saw on their site or sites that made the business standout. The key is where the business shows up on the Web and its placement high or low on the list. Usually, the businesses we support are low on a long list of similar businesses. Thus, we provide a business management plan that will put our clients into the mainstream of social media, using as many sources as possible to ensure the business remains highly visible at all times. SBMC provides the knowledge and maintenance  to truly make a difference in social media ranking. To do this requires consistency and paying attention to the latest trends of the changing social media market. It is the best tool yet for helping businesses stay in the vanguard and stay ahead of the competition.

For more information about our process, please contact us. We’d love to show you how to prosper and develop your business, practically overnight.

The SBMC Team


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