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November 21, 2011 / Social Business Media Managers


When you enter the world of social media, that is, the abundances of media choices to choose from its lengthy list, your first dilemma is making the right choices that match your business needs. This is the tricky part. There is a plethora of sources out there and you have to know the best selections in the bunch. Social Business Media Connections (SBMC) is all about helping you find those optimum selections. We are a business management company that analyzes what is ideal for you. There is no pro forma approach given what we do. Because all of our clients are unique, all deserve the special attention that sets a focus on efficiency and expediency (meaning getting results).

Our three-tiered management plan (based on a set fee continent on how many media sources are selected) connects you to the right social media sources at an affordable price and excellent service from our team. Even our entry level plan puts your business in a fast-flowing stream, a network, that produces instant results.

Let us help you find the ideal target social media sources, and once found we will manage the network or show you how to go about the process, thereby saving you even more money. We’d love to show you our step-by-step process that substantiates all the above. We would love to earn your business and confidence!

The SBMC Team


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