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November 13, 2011 / Social Business Media Managers


You can listen to the political rhetoric about how the slow-turning economy will soon settle out for the good. In short, a likely improvement. You can also keep tabs with how many millions of people are unemployed, how outsourcing jobs which most American corporations favor (the so-called “globalization factor”), and how meaningful jobs with decent wages and a modicum of packaged benefits are difficult to find. This statement is especially true compared to basic hourly waged jobs that pay no benefits and allow no rise in the ranks. This terse statement pretty much sums up America day, indeed America tomorrow for years to come.

That being said, this posting isn’t about pointing fingers; it isn’t about the typical griping focused on illegal workers or a huge war machine that has run amuck. Instead, it’s about solutions, especially for small businesses, to jumpstart their enterprises and use the economic advantages of social business media. Sure, some people know a few of the tricks and convenient avenues that explore this reality in sobering economic rough times. Yet you might be surprised to know the great hit and miss attempts that, to use an analogy, run an eight-cylinder engine on a single cylinder. But there is a better method and approach to the solution. SBM Connect provides a concentrated management that helps put businesses on the right social media track. We can do this for very little cost to the owner, especially considering the usual higher costs other social media enterprises charge.

For a no-cost obligation, get in touch with us ( and we’ll show you where social media improvements to your company are needed, including where your business now stands in the rank and file of similar other businesses.

SBM Connect Team


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